Month: February 2017

The Designations given to Electrical contractors in Toronto

The Designations given to Electrical contractors in Toronto

Electrical services involve many things and areas. That’s why it wise to widely consult with several electrical contractors Toronto before hiring. You will want a team of experts that will work without supervision, a team that handles electrical jobs on a daily basis to have that peace of mind that safety is well observed.

In actuality, there are several designations that help define the amplitude of an electrician. These categories are what can help you to know the actual type of contractor you can engage when you have any electrical job you need handled.

The Outside electrical contractors
These are the people who’ve specialized in the distribution of high-voltage electrical wires. They know more about pole to pole connections, and the high voltage wires you see around. They deal with power transformers and the way power gets into homes from the power plant.

You many need the services of the outside electrical contractors when your company’s transformer needs replacement. Or, when you want the high voltage lines extended to your new company or residential area. Your contractor must seek an official permit to execute such major tasks. In addition, the company you want to engage must be registered. It must show a clean history of previous works, for the execution of any major project to be approved.

The Inside electrical contractors
The electrician contractors Toronto under this designation work more on huge wiring and rewiring projects in companies, residential apartments, and business properties. They can take the whole contract, that is, from supplying the necessary cables to installing them, as well as supplying all the necessary accessories for the job. However, their main job is giving the manpower needed and the exact advise on the quality of cables and accessories required.

These contractors also need to get approval from authorities on each project they undertake. This is because rewiring the whole building also means being able to take responsibility if things go wrong. In fact, you should only engage the electrical contractor who’s insured and ready to assume liability if an electrical shot occurs that may cause damage to your property.

The Integrated Building Systems electrical contractor
These are the electricians who handle low-voltage installations, they are also called Voice/Data/Video electricians. You may need them to do your home’s security alarming system, or lighting system. They are also skilled to handle the installation of back-up gadgets, wireless networks, air conditioners, fiber optic cables as well as structured cabling systems among others.


It is important to ensure your IBS electrical contractor is capable of integrating the indoor systems as well as those outside. Do you wish to install a video cam at your main gate or even inside your living room to be able to monitor things in your absence? Then contact such electrical contractors Toronto. In this case, your project may actually cost less than you think, but it’s obviously important to request for an estimate quote to know what you may expect to spend.